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Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Jeri Mendelsohn, LCSW Executive Vice President & CEO 718-225-6750 x241
Aaron Rosenfeld, JD Executive Director, Samuel Field Y 718-225-6750 x245
Danielle Ellman, MPP, MAJCS Executive Director, Central Queens Y 718-268-5011 x101
Alex Ansong, FCCA, DipIFR Chief Financial Officer 718-268-5011 x131
Greg Rideout, LMSW Chief Program Officer 718-268-5011

Melissa Algranati, MPH Director, Explorer Day Camp 718-268-5011 x205
Duncan Ambrose Building Services 718-268-5011 x180
Jessica Ambrosio, LMSW OST/ACE Program Coordinator 718-776-4728 x2852
Elina Aminova Fiscal Office 718.268.5011 x123
Mildred Andaluz, MA Healthy Families Program Supervisor 718-268-5011 x299
Charlotte Barrett, LMSW Program Coordinator, Butler Center for
Youth with Disabilities
718-268-5011 x165
Jena Beckett, BA After School Coordinator, PS 165 718-268-5011 x207
Danielle Berman, ABA Administrative Manager, Health & Fitness 718-268-5011 x503
Robin Budnetz Fitness Specialist 718-268-5011 x504
Melissa Chertok, BS Camp Registrar 718-268-5011 x202
Danielle DeAngelis, LMSW Education and Workforce Initiatives 718-268-5011 x164
Front Desk 718-268-5011 x100
Erica Eisele, LMSW Out-of-School Youth Programs 718-268-5011 x166
Lisa Elhyani, LMSW Director, Adult and Senior Programming 718-268-5011 x621
Ashley Fields, LCSW-R Director, Community Based Youth &
Adolescent Programs
718-268-5011 x102
Maila Gamatero, BS Contracts Manager 718-268-5011 x103
Margaret Gorelik, MAEd Corporate Recruiter for OSY Program 718-268-5011 x171
Lior Harpaz, BA Aquatics Director 718-268-5011 x502
Rory Hersch, MA Director, Membership & Community Outreach 718-268-5011 x121
Jafar Hussaini, BBA A/P and A/R Manager 718-268-5011 x123
Chasity Johnson Recruitment and Intake Specialist for OSY Programs 718-268-5011 x163
Anthony Jones Director, Building Services 718-268-5011 x180
Foy Kaloo Building Services 718-268-5011 x180
Mitch Karpp, BA Program Director, Youth & Camp Services 718-268-5011 x201
Robin Kaufman, BA Director, Parenting Center 718-268-5011 x482
Kevin Khan Front Desk Associate 718-268-5011 x100
Karen Klein, MA Director of Career Development 718-268-5011 x170
Peggy Kurtz, MLS Director, Cultural Arts & Jewish Heritage Programs 718-268-5011 x151
Leonel Lagos, BA Counselor Advocate, OSY Program 718-268-5011 x168
Stacey Levine, LMSW After School Coordinator, PS/MS 200 718-268-5011 x263
Ashley Lopez Afterschool Coordinator, PS 139 718-268-5011 x302
Joseph Macharie Driver, Senior Van 718-268-5011 x622
Annelise MacLeod, BS Outreach & Advocacy Counselor, Workforce Initiatives 718-268-5011 x162
Brynn McCormick, CMHC OSY Program Manager 718-268-5011 x161
Sharon Millman, AAS Administrative Assistant, Membership Department 718-268-5011 x132
Mindy Nisanov, RD Food Pantry Coordinator/Case Manager 718-268-6011 x633
Adam Ostroff, BFA Activities Supervisor, Health & Fitness 718-268-5011 x505
Peggy Pierre, BBA Employment Relations Coordinator 718-268-5011 x325
Marilia Pierre Paul Building Services 718-268-5011 x180
Clemente Ramirez Kids Korner Program Coordinator 718-268-5011 x203
Walter Rampersaud Building Services 718-268-5011 x180
Melissa Roy, MSW COMPASS C.A.S.E. Academy at FHHS 718-268-3137 x5651
Tarique Rumi SYEP & WLG Program Manager 718-286-8121
Alexandra Saba, LMSW S.O.A.R. Program Coordinator at MVBHS 718-776-4728 x5542
Elaine Saffran, AAB Front Desk Associate 718-268-5011 x100
Ellen Shajnfeld, MA Administrative Assistant, Adult & Senior Programs 718-268-5011 x160
Leart Shaka, MBA Assistant Comptroller 718-268-5011 x172
Risė Shamansky, MFA Website Administrator / Assistant to Director 718-268-5011 x169
Jonathan Shevin, MSEd Director, Early Childhood Center 718-268-5011 x401
Sharon Someck, BS Early Childhood Center 718-268-5011 x402
Sonia Soodhoo Admin. Assistant, Youth & Adolescent Programs 718-268-5011 x111
Dale Stark, MS Director, Health & Fitness Center 718-268-5011 x501
Denia Tavarez, BBA Workforce Program Coordinator 718-268-5011 x162
Diana Vigo, BS SONYC Afterschool Program 718-268-5011 x262
Marina Vodyanyuk, ABA Contracts Manager 718-268-5011 x122
Carolyn Weinstein, LMSW Education and Workforce Initiatives 718-268-5011 x167
Rolando Whittaker, BA HR and Payroll Manager 718-268-5011 x124