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Alan Hevesi: The Politics of the Constitution

Date: January 9, 2017
Time: 1:30 pm
Contact: Peggy Kurtz
Phone: 718.268.5011 ext 151

$5 suggested donation for members / $8 suggested donation for non-members

The US constitution was intended to unite 13 colonies and create a new national government.  It has evolved into the supreme law of the longest-lived democracy in history and the world’s most powerful nation.  How well does an 18th century document apply to modern circumstances?  What are the document’s strengths and weaknesses?  What actions can be taken by a president alone, without any checks or balances?   What would need to be done to change our Electoral College system? We’ll read and discuss a selection of the Constitution’s most significant clauses in order to understand how we have been able to resolve issues such as civil rights, freedom of speech, and religious freedom.

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